Month: May 2013

Editing is Happening…

Just printed my book, all but the last four chapters which are still in process. Starting editing/proof reading today.

Ma Chère Antoinne Main Character Dream Casting

If I could choose any actors to play the main characters in a movie adaptation of Ma Chère Antoinne, I’d select the ones shown below. Sadly, River Phoenix is no longer with us, but he is strong in my memory.

I love it when a plan comes together….

Exciting things are happening this week! I’m on a five day staycation, spending my time finishing up my novel. By the end of my time off on Tuesday night, I intend to have the first draft totally completed and be ready for edits. In… Continue Reading “I love it when a plan comes together….”

Reason #62343187984 why I love Josephine

Storify by delialynn Thu, May 16 2013 20:52:05 The Gigglenorts are the best. Like ever. Anywhere on the plant.Poor @SeanAstin is going to wonder what the heck is wrong with us. delialynn@therealdelia @josephinemayc This!! Thu, May 16 2013 07:12:32 Josephine @josephinemayc @therealdelia ahh… Continue Reading “Reason #62343187984 why I love Josephine”

Reason #62343187984 why I love Josephine

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Finally, the sneak peek of Ma Chère Antoinne is on Nook!

Nook users!  You asked for it. You got it!  The sneak peek edition of Ma Chère Antoinne is now available!  Only $.99! Click through to the Barnes & Noble Nook listing!

Busy Week!

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Busy Week

Storify by delialynn Tue, May 07 2013 23:36:58 Busy Week This week has been so hectic, and it’s only just after midnight on Wednesday! I’m posting the rundown of everything since Sunday so I don’t forget to be grateful. I had a one-day-only Cinco… Continue Reading “Busy Week”

No Vampires in Pop Culture Feature this Week

This week is hectic in the extreme, but soon the semester will be over and I’ll have a little breathing room to do the things I really need to get done. In addition to finishing Ma Chère Antoinne, I have some reviews to write,… Continue Reading “No Vampires in Pop Culture Feature this Week”

Nook and iBook and Paperback! Oh my! We’re not in Kindle anymore….

I’m formatting the sneak peek for Nook and iBook as we speak. Well, it’s more like I’m waiting for them to verify my sales while I make another pot of coffee and keep hitting the refresh button, but you get the picture. At any… Continue Reading “Nook and iBook and Paperback! Oh my! We’re not in Kindle anymore….”