Month: April 2014

The Thing About the Writing Thing

I write stuff because I don’t know how to not write stuff. It’s just something I have always done. I tell stories. Sometimes, when I think they’re interesting enough, I write them down. I would write for myself even if I thought no one… Continue Reading “The Thing About the Writing Thing”

Spring has Sprung

I’m in the midst of a flurry of Spring cleaning in every part of my life. Now that all the rooms in my house are finally finished, I am going through the last of the things I had in storage at my parents’ house,… Continue Reading “Spring has Sprung”

The Real Delia Podcast is Coming

Miranda and I have been working on a new project, a podcast that I’ll record and post every two weeks. There will be interviews, book reviews, website suggestions, and some fun discussions with my guest hosts each week. We’ve completed the intro, found our… Continue Reading “The Real Delia Podcast is Coming”