Month: February 2013

No Excuses

My days are so busy, I really wish I could take a week off work just to concentrate on my novel. However, since I can’t afford to do that, I’m doing my very best to write every day for at least a couple of… Continue Reading “No Excuses”

John McCuaig’s Fallen Angel Book Review

This week, I was lucky enough to read and review John McCuaig’s Fallen Angel for Cynthia Shepp’s Book Reviews and Editing Blog. I very much enjoyed the book, and if you click through to the review, you’ll get to see the details. There are… Continue Reading “John McCuaig’s Fallen Angel Book Review”

Big Decision!

After much deliberation, I’ve made a huge decision. Rather than break up my work into three smaller books, I’m going to write on through to the end and publish it as one long novel. There are several reasons, but my biggest concern is with… Continue Reading “Big Decision!”

Being SOCIAL is the key to using Social Networks

Skimming through several blog posts about writing, I came across one that made me slow down and pay attention. The One Thing An Author Should Never Do On Social Media… Johnathan Gunson says exactly the same thing that I’ve been feeling about authors’ use… Continue Reading “Being SOCIAL is the key to using Social Networks”

Reminder to myself courtesy of @neilhimself

Love this photo! And yes, I’m telling myself that every day. Even if I only have an hour, it’s important to keep doing it and not let myself get too distracted by the rest of my life to finish what I started.

Exciting News!

I’m very excited to announce that I’ll be doing reviews on the Cynthia Shepp Book Reviews and Editing blog.  Check out their FB page Cynthia Shepp Book Reviews and Editing and give ’em a like too!

New Preview Video!

Book Playlist

Book Tease

My iPad is often my favorite way to write. I can carry it anywhere (in this case, my living room), and with my wireless keyboard and the Notebooks app synched with Dropbox, I can easily upload and save files that I can then transfer… Continue Reading “Book Tease”

Of course Layla needs a stuffed mastodon

Now I know I am officially a silly dog owner. I bought my Layla a stuffed mastodon toy…because it was there. And it squeaks. And it’s nearly as big as she is.  Did I mention that it squeaks?