Current Projects

In The Blood: Book One of The Blood Royal Saga

Now available in ebook and Paperback from Eagle Heights Press or wherever books are sold!


“Art Student Sybill Lysander had an ordinary life, working in a coffee shop in the Central West End of St. Louis, with every day much like the one before. Then a vampire named Fin walked in  the door, and her whole world changed.

Fin and his maker, former Queen Marie Antoinette had hidden for years in the nearby gated community of Westmoreland Place. But when pieces of her past came up on the auction block, Marie was filled with nostalgic longing, wanting to collect those items for herself.

Old enemies were patiently watching, and both Fin and Sybill become caught up in Marie’s unfinished business.”


Out For Blood: Book Two of The Blood Royal Saga (Coming Winter 2017)

Trial by Blood: Book Three of The Blood Royal Saga (Coming in 2018)

There Are No Dogs in Lupus: Book One of the Lupus Series (YA, Work in Progress)

“When teenage Emma and her family go to live with her grandmother after her mother’s death, it’s a difficult transition for all of them. The tiny town doesn’t like strangers and doesn’t welcome questions.

The mysteries she uncovers in that unlikely place, however, could disrupt the town and her family and determine the course of her life forever.”

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