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The Real Delia Podcast is Coming

Miranda and I have been working on a new project, a podcast that I’ll record and post every two weeks. There will be interviews, book reviews, website suggestions, and some fun discussions with my guest hosts each week. We’ve completed the intro, found our… Continue Reading “The Real Delia Podcast is Coming”

Spring Break Boogie

For the university students at the college where I work, Spring Break begins today. While I don’t have the entire week off from work, I do have two three-day weekends in a row, which is almost as  fantastic. This weekend, I’m working on book… Continue Reading “Spring Break Boogie”

Random Interesting Stuff (or How I Cut My Distractions and Got Busy Writing Book 2)

How to Break Through Your Creative Block by Maria Popova for Brain Pickings I’m working on this. I get easily distracted and sidetracked with to-do lists and social media, and then the next thing I know I’m taking a nap. My solution is two-fold.… Continue Reading “Random Interesting Stuff (or How I Cut My Distractions and Got Busy Writing Book 2)”

No Vampires in Pop Culture Feature this Week

This week is hectic in the extreme, but soon the semester will be over and I’ll have a little breathing room to do the things I really need to get done. In addition to finishing Ma Chère Antoinne, I have some reviews to write,… Continue Reading “No Vampires in Pop Culture Feature this Week”

New account on Storify! Check it out!

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Every Little Thing

When I reinvented my cover art, I didn’t realize the ripple effect that change would have. Because I had new cover art, I had to: Prep my CreateSpace account so it is ready for the paperback version to be uploaded once I’m through writing.… Continue Reading “Every Little Thing”

This is why I love my Mac

There are several reasons to love my Mac. But today’s reason is topmost in my mind. I have carpal tunnel syndrome, and it’s severe enough that my doctor thinks I may need surgery. Thank goodness, my Mac comes with built in voice dictation software.… Continue Reading “This is why I love my Mac”

Taking Care of Business

This last week has been a very busy one. In addition to going through SNOWPOCALYPSE here in Mid Missouri with two rounds of foot deep snowsnorms and accompanying power outages, I’ve also had a lot going on on the professional front as well. * … Continue Reading “Taking Care of Business”

Being SOCIAL is the key to using Social Networks

Skimming through several blog posts about writing, I came across one that made me slow down and pay attention. The One Thing An Author Should Never Do On Social Media… Johnathan Gunson says exactly the same thing that I’ve been feeling about authors’ use… Continue Reading “Being SOCIAL is the key to using Social Networks”

Exciting News!

I’m very excited to announce that I’ll be doing reviews on the Cynthia Shepp Book Reviews and Editing blog.  Check out their FB page Cynthia Shepp Book Reviews and Editing and give ’em a like too!