Month: March 2014

Making Time for the Good Stuff

My revisions are off to my editor, so in the meantime, I’m taking a little time to rest and relax and do some fun things: To Do: A Social Media Spring Clean – I’m in the midst of this process with the help of… Continue Reading “Making Time for the Good Stuff”

Pretty Good Days

By Neil Gaiman’s definition, I’ve had some pretty good days lately. Well, okay, I took a couple of days off to go on a short trip to Chicago. But otherwise, yes. I’m writing every day. I’m keeping to a routine that works. I’m wrapping… Continue Reading “Pretty Good Days”

Spring Break Boogie

For the university students at the college where I work, Spring Break begins today. While I don’t have the entire week off from work, I do have two three-day weekends in a row, which is almost as  fantastic. This weekend, I’m working on book… Continue Reading “Spring Break Boogie”

Interview by Thomas Gilson

Back in October 2013, I was interviewed by Thomas Gilson from Central Methodist University’s Eagle Radio about my writing. Tom asked some great questions, and we both had a lot of laughs during our discussion. I hope you all enjoy!

And the Winner Is….

My awesome intern assistant, Miranda, and I have analyzed my online presence and determined that I need to consolidate accounts. This shift will make my interaction online more effective and streamlined. I’m very excited about these changes. My Blogger account, however, is going to… Continue Reading “And the Winner Is….”