Nook and iBook and Paperback! Oh my! We’re not in Kindle anymore….

I’m formatting the sneak peek for Nook and iBook as we speak.

Well, it’s more like I’m waiting for them to verify my sales while I make another pot of coffee and keep hitting the refresh button, but you get the picture.

At any rate, people asked me about other formats, so I’m setting up my accounts and getting familiar with the formatting expectations and software peculiarities specific to those platforms. The learning curve is smacking me in the face right now. However, once I get through the process with this sneak peek version, it should make it much easier once I’m ready to upload the complete book since I’ll know what I’m doing by then.

My CreateSpace account is set up and waiting as well, so once the book is finished, all I have to do is upload the file and paperbacks will be available too. I plan to pay the nominal fee to make them available through bookstore distributors.

The timing of all this hinges on whether I get a publisher/agent or not. I’m certainly hoping so, because I’d rather be writing than fiddling with technical issues of the uploads. However, if it doesn’t happen this summer, I’ll be selling the book myself while I keep sending in submissions. Either way, the book will be published, and I fully intend to keep on writing regardless.

So while I’m cursing the screen and searching for the last Oreo in the package out of frustration, I’m also really excited and happy. Even good change can be stressful. But this time last year, I didn’t have a book at all and didn’t have a thought of needing to learn this stuff. Writing was just something I did in my spare time. Publishing it was something I dreamed about but never thought I could actually do. I’m not sure what pushed me over the edge, but there was this little voice inside that said “It’s time.”

And so here I am, doing the thing I always wanted to do and trusting that there will be an audience who loves the story as much as I do. Trusting myself to tell it. And trusting that “someday” is almost here.

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