Reason #62343187984 why I love Josephine

The Gigglenorts are the best. Like ever. Anywhere on the plant.Poor @SeanAstin is going to wonder what the heck is wrong with us.

Thu, May 16 2013 07:12:32

@therealdelia ahh that’s so good! Ive got a photo with him n all! 😛

Thu, May 16 2013 07:21:50

@josephinemayc Jelly!! Lol Very cool! ❤ I knew you’d like the article as soon as I read it.

Thu, May 16 2013 07:23:36

@therealdelia love it! Im sure @SeanAstin would appreciate it too! ^^

Thu, May 16 2013 07:54:16

@therealdelia .. myself and @SeanAstin #samwise ive lost a wee bit of weight since here 😮
Thu, May 16 2013 10:52:48
Sweet! ❤Thu, May 16 2013 10:54:47

Thu, May 16 2013 10:55:21

You have furry feet? #awkward
Thu, May 16 2013 10:56:20
@therealdelia @SeanAstin I shave them 5 times a day!

Thu, May 16 2013 11:04:18

Heyyy sexyy laydeh…

Thu, May 16 2013 11:07:56

@therealdelia @SeanAstin hahaa when he sees these tweets he’ll probably be freaked. 😀

Thu, May 16 2013 11:09:48

You made me gigglesnort! ❤

Thu, May 16 2013 11:10:34

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