Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire Mystery Series: Why Spoilers are Jerks

I’ve been a Sookie fan from Book One. Some might say I’m a rabid fan.

Fans have been divided into teams:

  • Team Bill
  • Team Alcide
  • Team Eric
  • Team Quinn
  • Team Sam

The HBO True Blood series only fanned the flames of those factions, with a great deal of online rivalry, sometimes rancor, happening on all sides.

As for myself, however, I’ve always been Team Sookie. I want whatever is best for HER. She’s the character I identified with. She’s the one I cared about. She’s the one I rooted for. And she’s the one that kept me coming back again and again, book after book, wanting more.

Now that the final book in Sookie’s saga, Dead Ever After, is set for release, some jerk got hold of a copy early and decided to spoil it for fans around the world by posting the ending on Amazon.

Seriously? If Mrs. Harris’ publisher doesn’t sue for damages, I will be very much surprised. But more importantly, fans everywhere should be outraged.

You know those people. The ones who have to know it all. They gossip about other people and get a special pride out of knowing the dirt on someone. They like seeing someone else suffer because it makes them feel superior to say “I knew it FIRST!”

I remember waiting in line in 2005 to buy a copy of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and some jerk purchased his copy, flipped to the back of the book, and yelled out “DUMBLEDORE DIES!!!” Children sobbed. Adults wanted to punch him in the face. And the bookstore kicked him out. But the damage was done. All the anticipation was gone. We’d all been robbed of the chance to be surprised, and I will never forgive that person. I don’t know his name. I don’t know what he looks like. But my anger will always be there.

Giving the spoilers to Dead Ever After is exactly the same. It’s bad enough to tell people the ending, but to do it before the book is even released ought to get you a one way ticket to Hades. It’s disrespectful to Charlaine Harris. It’s disrespectful to the fans. And it’s disrespectful to Sookie.

If you wanted to be a know-it-all, well, you got it. But you’re always going to be a person I hate, you gossipy ratfink jerk.

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