My Plot is Doing Double Dutch

I’m driving myself crazy.

I have my outline. I’ve planned out my chapters. I know exactly what is supposed to happen. I can envision the scene in my mind like a movie. I’ve done my prewriting. But when I get to my computer, I find myself just staring at the screen and can’t seem to start.

Somehow it feels as though I’m just waiting for something to happen. I can’t tell what that thing is, unfortunately.

People have asked me if I’m afraid it won’t be perfect. I don’t think that’s it.

My story has been in my mind for so long now, I feel as though it’s already going. All the balls are in the air, I just have to jump in and juggle them.

Or to put it better, it’s like my characters and my plot are doing a furious double dutch, and I have to jump in there and dance with it rather than trip over myself and mess the whole thing up.

SFC Double Dutch “Too Much Pressure”

Okay, so maybe it is fear of imperfection that’s stopping me after all.

I’m going to take William Faulkner’s advice and just write it down, even if it’s bad. I can always come back and rework it, right? Right.

Just get it down.


About therealdelia

When Delia was five years old, her teacher asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, and she replied, "I want to be a writer and tell stories." That desire never changed, though it's manifested in many different ways throughout the years. Delia lives in a big old house in a small town near the Missouri River with her Scottish terrier, Layla, and she spends her days surrounded by books and good friends.

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