Grab a warm cup of ‘Joe’ and find a comfy chair.


I typically prefer non-fiction like history, science, trivia, biographies etc. so I was like, “Meh, it’s just one vampire novel, I’ll read it to be supportive”, not really expecting it to be ‘my thing’. Holy Cow! I could not put it down! This book is the very definition of a “page turner”. Though it is fiction (I think) it actually had all of the components that I like in my non-fiction books. It had historical and biographical information, suspense, mystery, intrigue, but was not a stereotypical “horror story”. It’s not like the sparkly, new-age vampires of Twilight or the old fashioned and somewhat corny, “I vant to suck your blood!” Dracula B-movie type of story. It is a fresh, new, modern twist on a classic genre. I cannot wait for book 2 in the series! Even if you aren’t a vampire fan you’ll like this book as a good mystery/thriller. If you are a sanguinarian or just a fan, you’ll love this book! Either way it’s a winner!