Trial by Blood: Book Three of The Blood Royal Saga

“I  had thought of myself as a survivor, but this was a fundamentally flawed strategy. I had survived all this time by simply reacting to events after they happened. But this behavior made me an eternal victim, and I was tired of feeling helpless.

I needed to break the cycle if I wanted to ensure a better outcome.
I needed to behave like the queen I was, not skulk away into my self-imposed exile once more. I needed to fight for those I held dear.”

In this thrilling third installment in the award winning Blood Royal Saga series, Vampire Marie Antoinette must face her greatest enemy.

With high stakes for her and her companions, Marie’s fight for their survival will leave you on the edge of your seat to the last page.

Trade Paperback (Autographed copies can be ordered directly from Eagle Heights Press.(Also available wherever books are sold.)
ISBN: 9781947181069

Ebooks direct from Eagle Heights Press (Also available at online retailers everywhere.)
ISBN: 9781947181076

In the Blood (Blood Royal Saga, #1)
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