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Ma Chère Antoinne live on Amazon Kindle!

The completed Kindle version of Ma Chère Antoinne is now online and available for download. Only $4.99, less than the price of a burger and fries and lots more fun. Vampires, mystery, horror, suspense, romance…it’s all there! Check the video below for reviews of… Continue Reading “Ma Chère Antoinne live on Amazon Kindle!”

FREE! Cinco De Mayo Special this Sunday!

ONE DAY ONLY! On Sunday, May 5, the Sneak Peek Edition of my upcoming novel, Ma Chère Antoinne, is free on Amazon Kindle! If you haven’t read it, there’s no better time to check it out! And if you already have your copy, share… Continue Reading “FREE! Cinco De Mayo Special this Sunday!”

Sneak Peek from my Work in Progress

The following is a sneak peek from the chapter I was working on yesterday in Part 2 of Ma Chère Antoinne. The narrator in this chapter is my main character, Claire Marie, speaking to Sybill: I saw her put her elbow on the armrest… Continue Reading “Sneak Peek from my Work in Progress”

Vampires in Pop Culture Feature: Forever Knight

IMDb’s listing for Forever Knight describes the show this way: “A drama about an 800 year old, angst ridden vampire who lives in present day Toronto as a homicide detective in an attempt to repay for his sins and regain his mortality, with the… Continue Reading “Vampires in Pop Culture Feature: Forever Knight”