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New Reviews Video!

Reviews are in! It’s all five stars for the sneak peek of Ma Chere Antoinne! Only $.99 for Amazon Kindle!

Fun and Games and Going Places

Though I’ve been extremely busy with family things for the last two weeks which has slowed down my writing progress, I have managed to accomplish several things that are very exciting! My Goodreads author page is up and running! I have a new book… Continue Reading “Fun and Games and Going Places”

The best laid plans

So the chapter I wrote yesterday which was intended to be Chapter 10 flowed really well. However, when it was all finished, I realized that in order for the end of it to make sense, I needed to add some scenes that lead into… Continue Reading “The best laid plans”

Research vs. Creative License

One of the challenges with writing a novel that has real people as characters is that you have to do some research if you’re going to talk about their past. I have my plan written up for the chapter I’m working on, but before… Continue Reading “Research vs. Creative License”

Playlist of songs inspired by and which are inspiring my novel:

My Body – Young the Giant Fallen – Imagine Dragons Flesh and Bone – The Killers Caramel – Suzanne Vega Hungry Like the Wolf – Duran Duran Every Night – Imagine Dragons Tip of My Tongue – The Civil Wars We Are – Ian… Continue Reading “Playlist of songs inspired by and which are inspiring my novel:”

Write the Story You Want to Read

My real introduction to the world of vampire fiction was not Bram Stoker’s Dracula, but Anne Rice’s Interview With the Vampire. I will admit to owning and reading nearly all of her books. I am not such a rabid fan that I cannot admit… Continue Reading “Write the Story You Want to Read”

Rachel Tsoumbakos Blog Post

My friend Rachel Tsoumbakos blogged about my book yesterday!    Check out her blog and her writing as well. I truly admire her work. Her books Emeline and the Mutants and The Ring of Lost Souls had me on the edge of my seat… Continue Reading “Rachel Tsoumbakos Blog Post”


Thank you all so much for helping make the sneak peek of Ma Chere Antoinne #57 in historical fiction! I hope you enjoy it!  

Official Description Is Ready

This is the description that will appear in the Amazon bookstore: “Hidden away in the gated community of the Central West End in St. Louis, a vampire, Claire Marie, and her progeny, Raul, have made their home. They have worked very hard to escape… Continue Reading “Official Description Is Ready”