The best laid plans

So the chapter I wrote yesterday which was intended to be Chapter 10 flowed really well. However, when it was all finished, I realized that in order for the end of it to make sense, I needed to add some scenes that lead into it. I went back to my plotline to examine where I needed to make the addition, and now I’ve got four more new chapters that will be inserted before that section. I had thought initially one would do, but as I started editing my outline, I realized that there was much more that needed to be said. This means I’ve gone from 22 to 26 chapters, and I anticipate there will likely be a few more additions beyond that. Estimated chapters are now at around 30.

It’s funny how the characters really demanded that more of their story be told. It certainly wasn’t in my plan, but now that I’ve looked at the edited outline, I’m much more pleased with the way it’s shaping up. I think the characters are happier too. At least, it feels as though the story will flow much better with a more gradual transition between plot points. Hooray!

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