The Wait is Over! (Plus Fabulous Fall Memories and a Grab Bag of Good News)

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post, and so much has happened in the last few months, it feels like a whirlwind, but one that brings positive change, not chaos. This blog post is long because there is just so much to tell, all of it good.

Hungry For More?

978194181038In just five days, Out For Blood: Book Two of The Blood Royal Saga will be going out to readers all over the world.

“What had seemed like a simple rescue mission to bring Raul back home turns out to be much more complex than Marie or Sybill could ever have anticipated. Intrigue and secrets are on all sides, and somewhere there’s a spy in their midst. Out of her element and unsure who to trust, Marie is in danger, and as a result so is everyone around her. Meanwhile, Raul will have his loyalties tested, and he will learn some things both about Marie and about himself that will force him to choose sides in a battle that’s been waging for centuries. With new faces and even more excitement, this second installment delivers with every twist and turn.”

Trade Paperback ISBN: 978-1-947181-02-1

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-947181-03-8
Available from your favorite online outlet

Autographed Paperbacks can be ordered directly from Eagle Heights Press and shipped to you.

Upcoming Events!


For local folks, I’ll be signing books at Grey Willows Arts, Antiques, & Gifts in Fayette, MO on December 9 from 3:00-4:30pm. Come by to celebrate the new book just in time for the holidays!

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All Five Stars for In The Blood!

Reviews of In The Blood have been all five stars on Amazon and Goodreads, and I’m really excited about this next installment.

Author Phillip Harris (Serial Killer Z, The Leah King Trilogy, and Glitch Mitchell and the Unseen Planet) was among the reviewers, stating:

“The tone reminded me of the movie, The Hunger and there’s a real sense of authenticity to the vampires. That’s hard to pull off when you’re writing about (presumably) imaginary creatures. Definitely one to check out if you like your vampires sans-sparkles, particularly if you’re a fan of Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles.”

It’s important to me to make good on my promise to not make people wait too long for the sequels, so there’ll be no rest for me anytime soon. The third book in the series, Trial By Blood, will be released in the summer of 2018, so I’ll be very busy in the coming months getting that ready. Once I have a more definite date for that release, I’ll announce it.

You Asked, We Delivered!

out_for_blood_119395539024336080-r_zrcfz_ewwbr_325Everywhere we went this fall, people asked about the t-shirts and mugs my mom and I took with us on the road. Several folks wanted to know where they could get some of our own. I took that request seriously, and have created a line of items that I hope people will use and enjoy.

The Blood Royal Saga now has merchandise available from Zazzle! Coffee mugs, t-shirts, and more to celebrate the series!

Are there other items you think I should add? Marie Antoinette themed items? Vampire gifts and collectibles? Something else I haven’t thought of?

Let me know! I’m happy to hear suggestions!

Looking Back

This fall, I was on the road at events all over the Midwest, meeting people, signing books, and doing selfies with Marie. We had a lot of fun talking to folks in every city, large or small.

Boonville Festival of Lights
BookFest Saint Louis
Twin Cities Book Festival
Twin Cities Book Festival
Grey Willows Book Signing
Book Signing at Grey Willows Antiques, Collectibles, & Gifts
Heartland Book Festival in Cape Girardeau

In The Works

Among the things I’m currently gearing up for are:

  • Audiobooks – Several people asked about them, and that is in the works. I hope to have more information on that very soon.
  • A short story for an anthology – I’m keeping that close to the vest until I have something more to tell, but I’m very excited about it.
  • A joint writing project with a friend of mine (also a vampire story)
  • Several events in 2018, including:
    • StokerCon March 1-4 at the Biltmore Hotel in Providence, Rhode Island
    • Unbound Book Festival April 19-21 in Columbia, Missouri
    • Scares That Care August 3-5 in Williamsburg, Virginia

On A Personal Note

This fall also brought a ton of good things to my personal life.

  • My nephew got married.
  • My niece is going to have a second child.
  • I got to see some good friends at the Stanley Hotel Writer’s Retreat in Estes Park, Colorado.
  • November meant birthdays (including mine), Thanksgiving, and time with friends and family.

Other fun things that made this fall enjoyable included:

  • Watching the St. Louis symphony perform the entire score of Jurassic Park live along with the movie.
  • Outlander and Stranger Things 2 have become my obsessions, though I’m also really loving The Orville, Season 3 of Lucifer, the return of the Shannara Chronicles, and the second season of the quirky Dirk Gently series on BBC America.
  • I am mastering the art of stranded knitting. I was afraid of it for a long time, but now I can’t wait to make a million things.
  • My bullet journaling is such a simple but life changing way of managing my time. I’ve loved getting back into calligraphy, and it has not only sparked my creativity, but it’s also been a wonderful stress reducer and helped me keep on top of all the big projects I’ve worked on and accomplish my goals one step at a time. If you’ve never heard of bullet journals, go now and google it. There are a ton of examples to look at, and you can tailor your book to suit your individual needs. It’s one of the best things I ever did for myself.
  • Anne and Christopher Rice’s new novel, Rameses the Damned: The Passion of Cleopatra arrived, and I can’t wait to get a little time to finish it.

This winter, I’ll be relocating my office to a much larger room in the house (no small task, given the size of my library), and I’m really looking forward to a bigger, more open workspace.

I will also be catching up on a lot of reading, and plan to do several book reviews over the coming months.

What are you reading, planning, watching, doing? Tell me about it in the comments below!


I hope to have a little time to rest over the holidays, but there is still a lot happening. Keep your eye out for sales and giveaways over the holidays. I’ll make announcements for those here and on my Twitter and Facebook pages.

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