Bloody Good News

Busy Bee

So much is happening this fall! Things are getting very busy for me in the best and most exciting ways.


In addition to gearing up for the release of Out For Blood, Book Two of The Blood Royal Saga in December, I’m also going to be signing books at several events here in the Midwest in September and October. I’ve created an “Events” page and added it to the navigation menu of my website in order to make those easier for readers to find, and I will keep it updated regularly.

Next year, I plan to expand those so I am visiting book festivals across the country.

Eagle Heights Press is also going to have a quarterly newsletter. If you sign up for that, you’ll get updates on my book releases and events sent to your email. No spam. Just news.

At the end of September, I’ll be spending the weekend in Estes Park for the Stanley Hotel Writers Retreat. I’m looking forward to catching up with my friends and having time to relax and get some concentrated work done on Trial By Blood: Book Three of The Blood Royal Saga. I’m planning to have the first draft of that manuscript done this fall so the book can be ready to release next year.

As for what’s happening right now, I’m wrapping up revisions to Out For Blood this month. The revision process is tedious, but necessary, and I’m hoping that this next book is even more exciting than the first.

20023887_1422794567804390_7157344157526564539_oThe book release party we had in July was a ton of fun, with about fifty people who came to celebrate with me. We had a fabulous cake decorated to look like the cover of my book, and we set up a cardboard standup of Marie Antoinette for people to take selfies with on the front porch.

The standup and the backdrop will be going on the road with me wherever I’m doing signings this fall, and we’ll be giving away red velvet cupcakes to people who sign up for the newsletter. After all, “LET THEM EAT CAKE!” Hahaha! It should be both eye catching and a lot of fun.

We had our first booth signing table at the Fayette Festival of the Arts last week, and that was a wonderful success.


I’ll be posting from the road on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. If you come to the booth, I’d love to do selfies with you and Marie.

In The Blood Reviews

DEZW1P2W0AESwkEI’m grateful and humbled by the reviews for In The Blood. So far, it’s all been five stars on Amazon, and a lot of people have tagged me on social media to tell me how much they enjoyed the story.

You always hope when you write something that readers will enjoy what you’ve written as much as you enjoyed the telling of the story, and it’s thrilling to me that the book has found an audience that finds the book exciting and fun.

I’ve had fun tracking all the places I’ve sent signed copies on a map. It’s exciting to know that there are people on the other side of the world who have read the story, and it definitely gives me a lot of encouragement and motivation to keep working on the sequels. The first three books are a certainty, but if the series sells well, I have ideas for a great deal more. I hope that readers will want to continue to take that journey with me.


Want to be featured on this blog? Let me know!

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