Time for a Different Hat

inthebloodmarketingAll last winter and this spring, I’ve been finishing my manuscript, and then setting up my business in order to get the ball rolling with publishing In the Blood: Book One of The Blood Royal Saga, the first novel in my vampire series. Now that the manuscript is out of my hands and July 1st is set as the publication date, it’s time for me to shift gears from doing behind the scenes work to doing things out in public.

Being an author is a very private undertaking. Most of the time, I write in my office alone (other than my dogs, of course). But gearing up to sell the book means putting on my publicist hat, and that’s a whole different mindset.

Stepping out of my hermit-like surroundings, I will be going out into the world and meeting with people face-to-face. I’ll be sending out emails and posting on social media.  I’ll be contacting reviewers and scheduling some events. I’ll be setting up book signings and attending any conventions or book events that I think will help me connect with readers who like the sort of book I have written. I’ll pay for some advertising. I will likely do a few podcasts related to the book. I’ll go to meet with bookstore owners and managers to ask them to stock copies of the book on their shelves, particularly those in my home state where I would be listed as a local author.

I’m also planning a big party to celebrate my hard work. Though I’ll have books on hand for those who want a signed copy, that isn’t the purpose of the party. I think it’s important to stop for a moment and recognize my accomplishment. Not because I want to be patted on the back by others, but because I think it’s important to acknowledge all that hard work for myself and to celebrate its completion.

I joked with my cousin today that I feel like I’ve just given birth, and it has been the longest labor ever. That deserves a party.

When the book is finally printed and in my hands, I hope that it’s a beautiful baby. But if it has flaws, I’m going to remember that it’s my first, not the only, book I’ll ever write. It may not be the best book I will ever write either, but it’s the best book I am capable of producing right now. There will be lessons I will learn from the process, and I’ll take that knowledge with me when I work on the ones that follow. I have done the very best I know how to do, and while it may not be perfect, that’s okay. It’s perfectly mine, and that’s enough for me. If I waited for perfection, I’d never finish a thing.

I hope that readers enjoy the story as much as I have enjoyed writing it. It’s been a joy and a struggle, and I hope that as a result of this book, people will be willing to go on future adventures with me as well.

In light of all that, here is the trailer for the novel.

That said, I’m also going to try to make sure that I’m not beating the drum too much. Nothing turns me off more than constant advertisement, so I won’t be doing that myself either. I plan to go on being myself and posting about things I care about. Sometimes that will be my books, but most of the time, it’ll be a lot of other stuff too.

Ways you can help me, if you’re so inclined:

There are a few things people can do to help me get the word out. I’m not going to beg for it. But if you are willing, these are things that can assist me in getting my feet off the ground.

  • Go to your local bookstore and request my book. If enough people do that, their computer system will see a demand and start stocking it on their shelves.
  • Tell a friend about the book if you think he or she would like to read it.
  • Write an Amazon review.

That’s it. It may not sound like much, but it’ll make a huge difference to me.

4 Comments on “Time for a Different Hat

  1. Done. Have posted on my facebook and twitter and will keep on doing so. Good blog entry. Yes. You gave birth and have the right to celebrate your accomplishments. Go. Enjoy.

    • Aw, thanks, Cat. I wish you weren’t so far away. I’d love to see you again sometime. We’ll have to find another way to do that.

  2. Wow!!!!! Congratulations! Also, I admire you soooo much–what an accomplishment….and, I love the video/context for your book. And, I love your attitude about the whole process and can appreciate how much different it is to actually come out from behind the pages and meet and greet. Having read this post, I think you will charm everyone 🙂 Best of luck 🙂

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