Digging into the Past, Writing into the Future

This past summer, my mother and I drove from our small town in Missouri all the way to the top of Newfoundland where Leif Erikson landed. The journey was absolutely an adventure, encompassing  over six thousand miles of driving and three weeks of camping in the rain. 

While we were there, I read the Vinland sagas alongside the book written by the woman who was the archaeologist who discovered the Viking site at L’Anse Aux Meadows which was their headquarters while they explored the land they called Vinland. 
Since my return, I’ve been fascinated to learn more about this exploration, and have been gathering and reading several books to help me in that quest. 

The map of Vinland has been something of a contentious quandary among historians and experts, but the controversy surrounding the manuscript doesn’t change the irrefutable evidence that the Vikings did indeed come to this continent in search of land and perhaps even to satisfy an innate curiousity about the world as well. 

My studies also made me curious about the women who went along in this voyage as well, and so I’ve been learning about them also. 

Is there a book in all this? You betcha. 

The landscape is beautiful, wild, and vast. It’s hard to capture the sweeping magesty of all that we saw, but I can easily understand how the Greenlanders, coming here on their longships, would turn it into a place of myth and legend. 

I am not yet sure what shape the book will take, or even if there will only be one. What I do know is that I am inspired, and writing is soon to follow. 

2 Comments on “Digging into the Past, Writing into the Future

  1. I can’t wait to read the story all of this adventure leads to, Delia! I didn’t get as far north as the two of you did, but I loved every minute of my time driving in Canada. Amazing country with amazing people. 🙂

    • We had such a wonderful time. Mom and I are going to write a book about our experience. You’re absolutely right. It was a delight to travel there.

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