Blood Alone Remains Writing Playlist

To get my mind into the right headspace for my characters, I use music as inspiration. I love using 8tracks to create atmospheric playlists that I can add to or modify as needed. This is the playlist I’ve been working with for my current WIP. All of these songs have been running through my mind as I write. Hope you like them as much as I do! Have a wonderful Sunday!

2 Comments on “Blood Alone Remains Writing Playlist

  1. Do you listen to music when writing, or only to get yourself in the mood first? I’ve been inspired by music before, but I usually have to turn off the sounds around me before I can properly listen to the sounds inside my head.

  2. It really depends on what sort of thing I’m working on. If I’m having an easy time of it, music is great, so long as I turn it down. If I’m struggling with a project, I need silence. But always I listen to music as a “warm up” for my brain. I give it about 45 minutes to an hour as I read through what I wrote the day before, then I turn it down or off and get to work. I also listen to the playlist when I have downtime throughout my day (shower, before bed, etc.) just to keep my mind active in that storyworld.

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