That Time that Dropbox Saved my Life (And by “Life,” I Mean Book)

My old iMac finally gave up after seven long years of service. Not one virus in all that time. I loved that machine. But when it gave me two white screens of death in as many days, I knew that it was time to make the switch to a new computer before it was too late to transfer the files.

Thank god I am the backup queen, or I would never have made it.

Five years ago, I bought massive terabyte sized external harddrives, and all of my music, movies, TV shows, and photos were moved there for safekeeping. Three years ago, I got a Dropbox account, and all of my writing has been backed up there. I got Scrivener two years ago, and those files are backed up on Dropbox as well.

That’s why switching to a new computer and setting it up with my old configuration and my manuscripts intact took only a couple of hours. What an enormous relief! The only thing I’ve really lost are my browser bookmarks, and I never really used them anyway.

So thank you, Dropbox, for saving my life. And my sanity. And my book.

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