Month: April 2013

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Vampires in Pop Culture Feature: The Vampyre

Vampires have been a part of human mythology since before recorded history. However, they were generally shown as inhuman, ravenous monsters rather than the more mysterious and sexualized creatures of the night as we think of them today. That change is due in large…


“The world always seems brighter when you’ve just made something that wasn’t there before.” ~ Neil Gaiman

Sneak Peek from my Work in Progress

The following is a sneak peek from the chapter I was working on yesterday in Part 2 of Ma Chère Antoinne. The narrator in this chapter is my main character, Claire Marie, speaking to Sybill: I saw her put her elbow on the armrest…

Vampires in Pop Culture Feature: Forever Knight

IMDb’s listing for Forever Knight describes the show this way: “A drama about an 800 year old, angst ridden vampire who lives in present day Toronto as a homicide detective in an attempt to repay for his sins and regain his mortality, with the…